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Birthday in a Dolphinarium

«On their come back, the smile the joy you bring
You will see sea lions, dolphins, and bold trainers»!


Every child wish for his birthday was an unforgettable celebration with games, fairy-tale characters and fun. Minsk Dolphinarium «Nemo» offers the organization of the holiday for Your little birthday. Celebrating its birthday at the Dolphinarium, the child is guaranteed to get positive emotions, like holiday programs and from communicating with the most intelligent and friendly marine animals like dolphins.


And the birthday boy and his guests will be remembered for cheerful and resourceful pirate Captain Jack, with vibrant entertainment, and , of course, the main heroes of the occasion — amazing dolphins.


Talented marine artists will act, dance and sing along with the birthday boy and his guests. They will also demonstrate their artistic abilities and draw a picture of the birthday boy as a gift. Another surprise for Your child and his guests can be swimming with dolphins.



All participants of the event can take photos with the friendly dolphins and get bright photos large format (A4).


Cost : 600.0 r (6 000 000 BYR) (the program for 5 people).


Make the birthday of your child special, gift him / her a bright day in the Dolphinarium!


To learn more and to order a «birthday in a Dolphinarium», please call by phone: +375 (29)5594444

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