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Diving with dolphins

Diving with dolphins is a unique opportunity to dive under the water and communicate with dolphins in their language! This service is a full equipment dive with an experienced dolphin instructor.


Diving with dolphins is not only a type of active recreation, but also a unique opportunity to have an unforgettable communication with the most amazing creatures of the sea. After diving, you seem to find yourself in a parallel world, where you will be surrounded by friendly dolphins, you will feel like a part of their world, you will be able to listen to how they communicate with each other, touch them, and maybe even play and get a lot of exciting and indescribable sensations.


Diving with dolphins is the best original gift for a loved one. Present your loved ones with this fabulous, extraordinary adventure in the Minsk Dolphinarium 'Nemo'.


In the dolphinarium, you will be met by experienced diving instructors who will select for you and give you a set of equipment for diving, give instructions and go down with you under the water, where you will spend 30 magical minutes with the dolphins.


We draw your attention to age restrictions: adults and children from 10 years old are allowed to dive.


In order to order this service, you need to sign up by phone: +37 (529) 541-94-44.

The cost of diving with dolphins - 170.0 r (1,700,000 BYR) (30 minutes)



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